Family Bracelets: A Bind that Connects Us When We’re Apart

Friendship bracelets…for the family.

family identity

Sporting our braided family character traits binds for a long, summer apart.

My daughter was six when we did this project. It was the beginning of summer, and we were headed into a long week visitation during which I knew her father wouldn’t let us talk or connect in any other way.

I chose braiding because it is relatively quick and easy – not to mention a six year-old is still mastering this skill! But you could do any type of bracelet. Add beads, if you’d like, though those can be annoying with certain socks and shoes. Our beads glowed in the dark.

My daughter was concerned her father would make her take the bracelet off, so we went with the anklet version.

Finally, this project was actually part of a larger project about family identity. So each color of each strand of the bracelet meant something for our family. You definitely don’t have do go that deep with this quick craft.

We wore our bracelets until they turned brown – long after the visitations and summer itself, even, was over.

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