Success Stories: Developing Self-Esteem by Celebrating the “Little Things.”

If you could build up your child’s self-esteem with a 10 minute conversation at the dinner table, would you do it?

Of course you would!

No matter how old you are, sometimes its hard to remember the things we are good at – We know as adults, in seasons of struggle, especially, it can be really hard to look at one’s self with love.

If we aren’t careful about negative thinking in the face of a Challenging Life, a small stumble can become a Massive Failure. {Tweet}

If your family is in a season such as this, don’t forget your kids.

For our children who are growing and learning and being imprinted on all the time, supporting the development of their self-esteem or self-concept is critical.


The Success Circle, Round One:

This exercise is easy Go around the table and share what did you do really well today – especially if it was hard.

Each person should not just tell their success, but share the story of their success. It will make it easier to remember, retell and celebrate later on.

As the adult, you will need to set the example by setting the stage, so to speak.

Here’s how:

  1. Describe the atmosphere: I was driving down the road today. It was so hot in the car, so the AC was blasting really loud, and I had the radio up even louder.
  2. Give funny details (kids like that): My hair was flying everywhere from the force of the AC. I wish someone would have taken a picture of me – it would have been pretty funny.
  3. Share your feelings: I was anxious to get home because I left work too late, and I was worried I’d be late to pick up the baby. THEN, I got stuck behind the slowest driver in the world.
  4. And how you overcame: I remembered that we try to be happy with wherever we are, so I turned up the radio, sang as loud as I could and thought about how being home with you guys is my favorite place to be.

That’s it!

Notice how this example of success isn’t anything major? It’s just something those of us who commute to work face every day. That’s okay! Especially with little kids…

Try this exercise two-three times per week for one or two months. (Repetition is your friend, and believe it or not, as adults we need it, and kids love it.)

When you get tired of the exercise, talk about it for at least one more week.

Little successes can build a strong foundation for a healthy self-concept. {Tweet}

…and as an adult, celebrating little successes will help you, too.

When major success stories come up, you’ll have a rich, family practice of sharing successes to build on.

Go Deeper

The Spurring Circle, Success Round Two: Coming Soon!

Spiritual Component: Coming Soon!

Have you tried this table topic out? We’d all love to hear how it went for your family. Please share in the comment field below!

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