How I Make Sure My Kids Feel Like Blessings (Not Burdens)

Are kids The Straw That Broke the Camel’s Back or the Cat’s Meow? and do they know?

I’m afraid my kids would say sometimes they feel like they are a burden on me. Ouch.

Here’s how I came to that realization, and how I hope to get a chorus of meows.

A heartbreaking story about burdens

I met a man today who shared a powerful story about something it took him a long time to learn. His mother died when he was 17 as a result of her poor health.  Before her death, family members commented about how healthy she had been until she gave birth to him. Apparently, had been a big baby, and she was a very petite momma.

The man said he didn’t think he carried much guilt about his mother’s death – at least not that he realized – until reflecting on where he was on his life journey with a mentor.

It was only then, five or more decades later, that he realized he felt responsible for the death of his mother because he was born.

I think this statement bears repeating.

It was only then, five or more decades later, that he realized he felt responsible for the death of his mother because he was born.

Why? Because he was born.

That is fifty years of feeling like a burden, of guilt-carrying. Fifty years of being the straw that broke the camel’s back. Fifty years of living in a lie – that he caused the death of the first woman he ever loved. Fifty years holding onto an apology he didn’t need to give.

I promise this is a legacy no mother intends to leave her child.

My camel story On the road to hell…

We are busy, tired parents. There it is. And that’s it. The end.

In the face of a busyness and exhaustion, isn’t everything a burden? I know today just keeping my eyes open is a burden! Some days brushing my kids’ teeth is a burden.

Are your kids a burden

These kids are so loved…

Isn’t it crazy that life-realities like being busy and lacking sleep can turn cats into camels? {Tweet}

{Would you share your cat and camel stories in the comments below to encourage the rest of us? We are not alone!}

I don’t know how this happens, but it does – all day every day. Little things like needing sleep make us gloss over the amazing, fabulous, precious gift we are experiencing in raising up our kids. The scary part is we don’t mean for our kids to feel like burdens – the road to hell is paved with good intentions – but our kids see we are tired, experience being busy and, if we aren’t careful, grow up into the message of being a burden on us – maybe for fifty years!

How I Turned a Camel into a Cat with a Balancing Act.

Hearing this sweet man’s story today reminded me, that I chose these kids! I chose parenthood. And not only was this life I’m living a choice, these kids are my every life’s dream come true!

I immediately wondered if they knew how precious they are. I know I tell them all the time  that I love being their momma , but do I tell them enough to balance out the other messages they are getting about parenting them?

How many times have you said, “Well, I didn’t mean to…” (A few, at least.) But that’s the key to getting meows. “Meaning to.”

Here’s my takeaway,  and what I plan to do with a renewed sense of purpose starting now:

Life is forever going to be busy, and I will very likely be tired. A lot. I am a parent. But by balancing out the things I can’t control – the messages of burden life hands my children – with positive messages about how they are the cat’s meow, my life’s every dream come true, just might assuage fifty years of heartache.

Today, I am going to tell my son how I admire his self-discipline. I am going to tell my daughter how beautiful she is – three times! And the baby? I’m going to cover her in kisses when she wakes up (again) at 4 am  because I’ll get sleep again – eventually.

Join me in this?  What do you need to tell your kids?

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