The Bound Altar: Honoring Who is Really on Our Hearts

Traditional Memorial Altars with a Twist.

family altars

Our altar honored our ancestors and family who can’t be near us all the time – all of whom contribute to who we are.

This bind was an accident, really. It was initiated when our family suffered several deaths.

Not only had we lost our beloved dog Paris, but my mother had also recently died in a tragic accident. They are represented by the pictures and stuffed animal and wild flowers, rock and wrench, respectively.

But then, after I gave the initial instructions, the project expanded in the most beautiful and unexpected way to include pieces of our families our hearts were longing for – people we could not be with all the time but missed dearly.

My daughter included pictures of her dad and step-mother. My husband brought a plane to the table to represent his father who had passed thirty years earlier. The candle represents my brother who became estranged from our family after the death of my mother.

There is no wrong way to do this family bind. In fact, I encourage you to keep it as loose as possible when you give instruction to your children. You’ll be amazed what their hearts bring to the table. Literally.

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