Binds are activities, tools and resources intended to help your family stick together together forever. They are broken out by relationship here.

If possible, always start the process of binding your family together with Couple Binds. If you are a single parent, start strengthening your family with Binds Just for You.

Couple Binds

This is where the strength of a family begins.

Parent-Child Binds

  • All of parenting gets easier if your child and you have a strong relational bond.
  • Parent-Child Massage – COMING SOON
  • Parent-Child Yoga – COMING SOON
  • Love & Logic Refresher eCourse – COMING SOON
  • Resource List

Binds Just For YOU

Yes, you can make your family stronger by getting stronger yourself. Why? Because often times, when everything else falls apart, you are the bind that keeps it all together.

  • Massage and Yoga for Self Care – COMING SOON
  • Stress Management – COMING SOON
  • Maxed Out Momma eCourse
  • Resources

Sibling Binds

Do you want your kids to be best friends? Impact one of the most confusing relationship dynamics in the family.


Multi-Generational Binds

Link your family’s past with its future by facilitating a connection between grandparents and kids.