With Yourself

If you are connected with what is happening in your own body, mind and spirit, you will find it easier to tune into your spouse and children. For that reason, {TFB} encourages you to connect with yourself as a first step to building a stronger family.

You will find that both you and your family weather the hardships of life with more endurance, steadfastness and strength.

We hope the following resources are helpful to you.

Supportive Services

My goal is to help women identify and grow the strength that is already within them, so they can in turn identify and grow the strength their families. My primary coaching missions is to help moms (of all ages) see and feel hope in their circumstances by listening to their stories, connecting them with resources … Continue reading Supportive Services

Maxed Out Momma

If You’re Maxed Out, You’re In the Right Place. Maxed Out Momma is a easy-to-digest eCourse and eBook designed to support mommas who are operating at their max. The course is full of authentic hard stuff, encouraging stories, and to keep true to {TFB} spirit, practical tools to reign in your life, so you can … Continue reading Maxed Out Momma