With Your Spouse

Resources for families trying to stick together.

This resource is under development. Check back soon for more! In the meantime…

Couples Massage

Learning to perform comforting, therapeutic touch for your partner will not only strengthen your bond with each other but relieve the pain and tension that makes any relationship hard at the end of a long day The eBook Thai massages or “lazy man’s yoga” allows you to work on your partner anywhere and without the … Continue reading Couples Massage

Queen’s Code Cheat Sheet

You can change your marriage fast – without your husband on board. If you’re in a yucky place in your marriage and any “ask” of your husband goes unanswered, sending you into a place of bitterness and frustration, don’t panic. You don’t have to get your husband to come “along for the ride” to make … Continue reading Queen’s Code Cheat Sheet

Wives Club Experiment

Welcome to the Wives Club Experiment! The Wives Club Experiment is an email-based challenge designed to help women positively impact their marriages just in time for Valentine’s Day. (Here’s the guy I’m doing it for! This is the day we delivered our twins! ❤️) This challenge is for you if: You’d like to feel heard. … Continue reading Wives Club Experiment