Queen’s Code Cheat Sheet

You can change your marriage fast – without your husband on board.

If you’re in a yucky place in your marriage and any “ask” of your husband goes unanswered, sending you into a place of bitterness and frustration, don’t panic.

You don’t have to get your husband to come “along for the ride” to make huge improvements in your marriage.

You can set off on the “ride” without him. And, if you follow some of these tips – I’d say even just one or two of them – he’ll come running after you.

The Vehicle

This cheat sheet is from the The Queen’s Code, which I DO NOT recommend.

BUT the book did have some super interesting tips/tricks for women that personally found actually worked when I experimented with my own husband and marriage.

Some of these “approaches” – especially toward communicating with my husband about my needs around the house and in caring for our new baby – totally turned our marriage around. Most notably, they helped me to “soften” toward him/stop unintentionally emasculating him. And he responded!

I went from bitter and worn out to feeling supported and beautiful – and yes, apparently all those things are connected and related. Ha!

The Vehicle

So don’t read the book, mine this well done “cheat sheet” by Soulmate School for all the gold.

For a quick start, take a moment on page one to assess whether or not you emasculate your man.

Then skip to page seven and try out one of these approaches to asking for something from your husband.

In my experience, if you’re not on good talking terms with your husband or are afraid you’ll screw it up, TEXTING TOTALLY WORKS. In fact, most of the work I did with this tool in my own marriage was via text message in the beginning – was too mad to verbalize anything without emasculating my husband.

Happy experimenting! And may God show you favor in your efforts to improve your marriage.