With Your Kids

Resources for families trying to stick together.

Why Family Identity Matters

How Belonging Helps Families Stick Together Forever Where do I belong? Acceptance, association, attachment, integration, fellowship – all of these word describe what it means to belong. Where are you accepted? This place, with those people, is where you belong. But what does belonging have to do with family identity? I argue that, as parents… Providing our children a … Continue reading Why Family Identity Matters

Online Parenting Course

Ties That Bind is an Online Parenting Course for Families Who Need to Take Action Now Are you looking for a step-by-step, actionable parenting plan you can start fast that will empower you to improve your family life? How about one that is less expensive than a stack of self-help books or family therapy? Yes? Then the … Continue reading Online Parenting Course

Blended Family Coaching

Welcome to Blended Family Coaching! My primary coaching missions is to help moms (of all ages) see and feel hope in their circumstances by listening to their stories, connecting them with resources and embodying God’s love as best as I can in every encounter. As a result, as a Blended Family Coach, I primarily partner … Continue reading Blended Family Coaching

Parenting Support

Resources for parents in every situation. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up – I wanted to be a mommy before I even thought about being a wife. My primary passion has always been parenting. (Poor husband.) Then I became a parent, and boy, was I … Continue reading Parenting Support