Love & Logic Refresher eCourse

If you’ve taken the Becoming a Love & Logic Parent course or read the book before but feel like you may have gotten off track, this quick refresher course is for you.

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About the Becoming a Love & Logic Refresher

In this course, you will quickly revisit the modules taught in the full class with a heavy emphasis on main parenting techniques and examples.

The goal of the course is to help you remember what you have already learned, so you can quickly implement the Love & Logic techniques in your home.

If you have not taken the original class, we strongly encourage you to do so as this course is designed to be a high-level review and not an in-depth study.

Learn more about Love & Logic.

After you take the refresher course, we encourage you to share it with your spouse, if relevant, and hope it helps you put the fun back in your parenting for you both.

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