Online Parenting Course

Ties That Bind is an Online Parenting Course for Families Who Need to Take Action Now

Are you looking for a step-by-step, actionable parenting plan you can start fast that will empower you to improve your family life?

How about one that is less expensive than a stack of self-help books or family therapy?

Yes? Then the online parenting plan Ties that Bind FAST is for you!

online parenting course

Don’t thumb through stacks of co/single/step-parenting books, when you know much of what you read won’t address the needs your family has right now.

If you’ve gotten this far, what you need is an actionable plan to make your family stronger. {And how many books do you have time to read, anyway?}

TFB’s plan can help.

Even better, the Ties that Bind FAST is available 24 hours a day and can be downloaded instantly – no waiting!

Ties that Bind FAST At a Glance

  • Simple survey to assess your family’s situation
  • Instant access to customized your parenting plan
  • Email with quick links to the plan that are sent simultaneously
  • Membership to private, Single, Step & Blended “confessional” groups
  • Intended for single parent and blended families but useful to all families

Once you submit your answers, your plan will be generated instantly and will be available for you to download immediately. You will also receive it via email. Simple!

Are you ready to improve your family life?


{Please note, this online course should not take the place of therapy and is not therapy. TFB highly encourages family therapy and the reading of many, many parenting books – both are valuable and highly recommended plans of action.}