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When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up – I wanted to be a mommy before I even thought about being a wife. My primary passion has always been parenting. (Poor husband.)

Then I became a parent, and boy, was I surprised. Then a single parent. Then a blended family parent. Then a mom of teens. Then a mom of twins.

Thank God for Love and Logic.

Check it out.

(This gal is one of my biggest inspirations for this Child Support page. I have researched so many things in an effort to love and parent her better!)

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent

Though I have taken the course several times, in 2009 I attended a Love and Logic facilitator program in Colorado and haven’t looked back. I love the curriculum because it is full of actionable tools for parents to implement right away.

It’s so good it is often offered to parents for free in public schools, which is why I do not teach classes myself. But I do consult.

Learn more about Love and Logic now.

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