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Because sometimes you just need a little FREE help, here is a hub of free content that will help you connect with your family. Enjoy!

Couples Massage Freebie eBook

Learning to perform comforting, therapeutic touch for your partner will not only strengthen your bond with each other but relieve the pain and tension that makes any relationship hard at the end of a long day. The eBook Thai massages or “lazy man’s yoga” allows you to work on your partner anywhere and without the … Continue reading Couples Massage Freebie eBook

Memes for Teens – Girl Power

Memes for Teens is a free resource to help mommas connect with their tween/teen girls while they’re apart. (It’s under development all the time as I meme-bomb my own teen, so feel free to check back frequently for fresh new images!) While we don’t necessarily condone distracting your tween/teen girl from school while they’re there, … Continue reading Memes for Teens – Girl Power