It’s Me Little Sister Freebie Coloring Devo

A Free Coloring Book Devotional for Big Sisters

Becoming a big sister is always hard – even if the sister-to-be is excited about it. We’ve seen two daughters become big sisters now, and it is no joke.

But it’s going to be okay, Momma!

How Coloring Can Help

You can help your big girl embrace her new role with this simple, short-and-sweet devo just for her.

Giving your daughter an opportunity to process what it means to be a big sister through “mindful coloring” can be a meaningful part of preparing her for what is to come. What do you think all those adult coloring books are about? “Coloring” gives our brains a chance to slow down, focus, be methodical.

If these pages are completed as intended, your daughter will be mindfully focusing on her new relationship to her little sister and the fact that, like it or not, she is coming.

And that doesn’t say anything about the fact that you’ll be discipling her while she colors. Multitasking!

Download the coloring book devo for your daughter now.