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Memes for Teens is a free resource to help mommas connect with their tween/teen girls while they’re apart.

(It’s under development all the time as I meme-bomb my own teen, so feel free to check back frequently for fresh new images!)

While we don’t necessarily condone distracting your tween/teen girl from school while they’re there, sometimes it’s not all bad to know your momma’s got your back with the 8th grade bully slams you into your locker in passing or you don’t make the volleyball team. Use these encouraging gems then.

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The New Lunchbox Note

As far as I’m concerned texting memes are the new form of the ever-appreciated lunchbox notes from back in the day. I find shooting my daughter a quick text when I’m thinking or praying about her is a great way to help me feel closer to her and, I hope, has a reciprocal effect but also demonstrates to her that she is seen and truly known by me, even when we are apart.

About the Memes

This collection of memes range from poems to quotes to cat pictures (because they’re funny). Some of the content is my own, and some of the content is curated from other awesome people. I try to give credit where credit is due, but please call me out if you feel I’m missing something. I’m human. Not perfect.

All that being said, these are ACTUAL memes I’ve ACTUALLY sent my own teen daughter. Yep, so they’ve been tested. BUT know your own daughter! Just because a meme is in this compilation doesn’t mean its for your little darling. Pick and choose, okay?

Before You Text Bomb Your Teen

Respect their time and space. Depending on what kind of parent you are, it may be easy to be overly enthusiastic about this project. Try texting before school, during their free period or lunch or on their walk home. Not during math.

Also, if they’re mad at you, they probably don’t want a meme full of rainbows. I’m just sayin’ – know their mood and respect it. If you’re intentional, you’ll nail this, I promise.

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